I make work in and about diverse landscapes and communities; taking care to positively impact each when doing so. My practice regularly unites themes of ecology, geography, and exploration. I became a Fellow of the Royal Geographical Society in February 2016. I am a founding member of the Temporal School of Experimental Geography, a collection of itinerant artists and researchers whose practices explore and advocate for artist-led fieldwork.

In 2010 I cofounded the Rabbit Island Residency Program on a wilderness island in the largest body of freshwater in the world. Since 2011 I have lived and worked the summer months on or near the waters of Lake Superior, administrating the program as Director of the Rabbit Island Foundation, a registered nonprofit.

In early 2015 I spent a month in one of the most biodiverse places in the world, helping catalyze new community frameworks for a sustainable research outpost in the Peruvian Amazon.

As a 2014 Fellow of the TBA21 Academy, I was part of the expedition to bury a contemporary art treasure on the remote Isla del Coco in the Pacific. It was all in the name of art and conservation, and something of legend.

I was born in Michigan, United States, in 1981. I moved slightly south to Ohio to study and work in 2000. In 2006 I moved further east to complete my studies in London, United Kingdom, where I was based until January 2016. I mostly work nomadically and site-responsively, but in 2017 established my home to the historic Village of Calumet in Michigan's Keweenaw Peninsula where I serve the community in the local government and work with community foundation of the region.

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At the NE tip of Manitou Island, Keweenaw Peninsula, Lake Superior, photo by Nathan Miller