East is West and West is East

East is West and West is East is an installation consisting of numerous national or state flags of failed micronations. The collection of flags primarily focus on claims of sovereignty on physical landscapes that had not been claimed by any other nationstate previously, and are no longer in existence. The reasons for which may be due to the military, political, or the economic intervention of larger nations; the hubris of the founders of the new nation; or a combination of elements leading to the micronation’s destruction or dissolution.

The flags uncover historic adventure stories, failed utopias, and legitimate sovereign claims to islands now hotly contested. As a part of a larger body, the piece takes a critical look at the mutability of geopolitical borders—ultimately advocating for inclusivity, the freedom of global movement, and a refocusing on the importance of global citizenship and stewardship.

Some additional context regarding the project can be found here.

Specifications: Sewn nylon, brass grommets.

2014-ongoing (current photographs from the 2017 installation at the Cycle Music and Art Festival, Gerðarsafn Kópavogur Art Museum, Iceland).