Berg's Tower

Berg's Tower is a sculpture made from driftwood collected on Rabbit Island. It is fastened using only driftwood pegs and natural-fiber rope in a series of lashings and knots. Some of the larger logs were used on the island for the temporary installation Bridge to Little Wedge. Several of the beams showed evidence – such as metal spikes and tool markings – that dated the driftwood at 100+ years old, indicating that they were part of the first structures ever built on the island. The first settler of Rabbit Island, a fisherman known as Berg, may have used these logs to construct docks off of the southwestern point of the island.

The attached rope that stretches away from the tower features three knots – the bowline, the figure 8, and the double-overhand – which were used daily during my time living and working on the island.

Specifications: Driftwood, natural-fiber rope.
Dimensions approximately 6ft x 6ft x 15ft (1.8m x 1.8m x 4.5m).